Start your IoT journey

Start your IoT journey

IoT Starter Kit

Begin your IoT journey today by ordering an IoT Starter Kit which includes
everything you need to connect and manage your devices on the
Telcel network.

To order the Telcel IoT Starter Kit you must have a referral code.
If you don’t have a code, please request one below.

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What the Kit Includes



with Telcel Connectivity

30 MB

per month for 6 months

50 SMS

messages per SIM per month

For just $2,499.00 MXN

(Include 16% VAT and 3% of IEPS)


Real-Time Testing Tools

  • Test-as-you-build for fast, quality development
  • Visibility into device and network behavior
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting help

Full Access to Telcel Control Center

  • Complete suite of developer tools
  • User logins for everyone on your team
  • Same environment for testing and deployment

Exceptional Developer Support

  • Developer guidelines
  • Access to APIs
  • Accelerated device certification

How it Works



Place an order for the IoT Starter Kit using your referral code.



Once your order is accepted, your SIMs will be shipped to you and you will receive access credentials to the Control Center platform for managing device connectivity.



Install the SIMs in your test devices and use Control Center’s management features, rules and APIs to connect those devices to the network and your IoT applications.



After completing your tests, you are now ready to launch your connected device services.

What is IoT?

What is IoT

What is IoT?

As connected devices proliferate, industry leaders understand that the real
value of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not in the devices themselves, it's in
the services they enable - and the new, often recurring, sources of
revenue those services generate.